Art Imitates

The world premiere screening of ART IMITATES will be at the Playhouse West Film Festival in North Hollywood, Feburary 2016. 

SYNOPSIS: In 2016, a small movie studio revolutionized the process of movie making by acquiring the rights to digitize the human form. Using these digital avatars, they began making purely digital movies that look entirely real. The process was a monstrous financial success. By 2032 Sox Paravarsal had purchased every major movie studio and broadcast network. All human performances became obsolete and paid acting jobs were replaced with digitized entertainment avatars.

Cleo, is a young actor in Hollywood who recites Shakespeare weekly in a forgotten theatre. Attendance is sparse and she struggles to pursue a career that no longer exists. 

One of the agents from Sox Paraversial stumbles upon her one day as she rehearses her lines. Liking her image, he offers her a contract with Sox Paraversial and the opportunity to have an Avitar made in her image. The contract provides a one time pay off and the potential for international fame, but it also stipulates that Cleo can no longer perform or rehearse, and Sox Paraversial indefinitely owns her image. 

Cleo's only friend Elyza, who knows first hand the consequences of joining Sox Pataversial, advises her not to sign the contract. 

Tempted by stardom and fortune, Cleo signs the contract, realizing too late the difference between fame and art.

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