Getting great footage that focuses on you and shows off your acting skills is a necessity. We are offering custom demo reels at a reduced price which includes working with you to shoot and edit professional quality footage for your reel.

 We are offering three different services. The prices shown include shooting, editing, and all the post production involved in delivering your scene.


Option 1


Dialogue for ONE actor.

For our One Person Scenes and Monologues you can choose a scene or your own monologue that is 45 seconds or less.




Dialogue FOR TWO actors. ONE actor has majority of the lines and will be main focus in final edit.

For our Two Person Scenes simply choose a script that is one minute or under and we will provide everything else including the other actor. You are welcome to bring your own actor if you wish. However the focus will be almost exclusively on you in the final edit.


Option 3

Artboard 1 copy 2@2x.png

DIALOGUE FOR TWO actors. BOTH have equal lines and get their own edited scene.

Our Dutch Two Person Scenes are an amazing deal for two actors who want to share footage. Find a friend to go dutch with you and a great one minute scene that showcases both of your talents. We will shoot and then edit two different versions of the same scene. Both actors will receive their own unique scene where they are the star.


For all Scenes and Monologue please email it in advance to ensure that it fits our set. Options include:

Therapist office  |  Apartment living room  |  Apartment kitchen  |  Apartment bedroom  |  Office


Makeup and Hair
Look amazing in your scenes by getting your hair and makeup done by a pro. We can change your look for one or all your scenes- giving you a unique look for each character. 


Custom Script

Work with Play Four Films to write a custom mini scene that fits the character you want to portray in your reel. We will help to write a scene that you can be proud of. 

$40 per scene

Special Offer

Buy any three scenes and receive 10% off your purchase.